Acting is something we do everyday. One thing we avoid everyday is telling the truth. With acting, it's unavoidable.



Privates with Nick Stevenson

Coaching/Private session with Nick Stevenson start at $60/h

then $15 for every 15 minutes

Private sessions can be used in addition to self tapes. See rates.

Private sessions are incredibly invaluable to the actor who have the desire to delve deeper into the text, work on their on camera skills, marketability and more importantly how to book the job.




Self tapes start at $35 for 15 mins of taping in addition to 15 minutes of editing, compressing and sending. Every minute after the desired 15 minutes will be $15 for every 15 minutes.



Group classes are $40 for the 2 hour session.

No more than 6 people are allotted to a class.

This ensures that each student should get 25-30 minutes of intensive scene study and script analysis, character work.


I trust Nick as he is a fine actor and has the directors eye. He’s easy to work with, makes me feel comfortable and we get the job done. I’ve been taping with Nick the past 4 years.I recently booked Kidding with Jim Carey and if it wasn’t for Nick’s infinite understanding of text/character/story I may have missed the tiny little things. Thanks Nick!


kevin test.jpg

I have been in acting classes for over 15 years and no teacher has given me the tools and confidence that I have received from Nick to go into auditions and not feel prepared. I've never been able to break down scenes in such a fine detailed form that I truly feel connected with what is happening and to my character. My only regret is not having these tools and his teachings sooner so I could make up for some of my crummy auditions. Kevin Olliff


"Nick's passion and honest work of acting provides a very safe and creative learning environment for anyone of any level, which allows exponential professional growth. My introduction to the many facets of acting started with Nick and has since given me a solid foundation of approaching the work, the business and the art of what we do."

Mick Primmer